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     Les Cuvées

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The Green Daisy, a symbol, of hope and desire,

in perfect harmony with the sensual and fruity aromas  

of the Pinot Meunier, takes the name of Cuvée Désir.

Damery | Hautvillers | Côteaux d'Epernay | Villers-sous-Châtillon |

Reuil | Oeuilly | Venteuil | Vauciennes
Tirage 2017

70% 2016
30% 2015

Cuvée matures 60 months in the cellar

Disgorging May 2022

Dosage 7grs


A gourmet Blanc de Noirs with floral and citrus notes, a salty and mineral finish.

Its buttercup color reveals its fine and elegant bubbles.

Perfect for the aperitif and in all circumstances...

Favorite food : Goes well with ewe's cheese, Corsican Maquis, in perfect harmony with its grassy notes.

Land and sea dishes 

Classic panettone with candied fruits

Cuvée Désir
Cuvée Séduction

The White Daisy, symbol of purity and seduction

in harmony with the delicate aromas of the Blanc de Blancs takes the name of Cuvée séduction.

100% Chardonnay

Côte des Blancs ( 20% de Grand Cru , Cramant, Chouilly, Oger)
Damery | Villers-sous-Châtillon | Reuil | la Chaussée de Damery.
Tirage 201
70% 2016
30% 2015

Cuvée matures 60 months in the cellar

Disgorging May 2022

Dosage 7grs



A creamy Blanc de Blancs, round on the entry of mouth and beautiful sapidity in finale.

Its clear golden robe reveals its fine and persistent bubbles. 

Favourite food: Oysters, shellfish 

Cheeses: Ossau-iraty

Cuvée Passion

The Red Daisy symbol of warmth and passion in harmony

with the fine and racy aromas of Pinot Noir

takes the name of Cuvée Passion.
100% Pinot Noir

Marueil-sur-Ay - 1er Cru
Ay - 1 er Cru
Damery | Venteuil | Villers-sous-Châtillon | Oeuilly
Tirage 20
70% 2016
30% 2015

Cuvée matures 60 months in the cellar.

Disgorging May 2022

Dosage 7grs



A robust Blanc de Noirs, fruity with notes of undergrowth

and almost wild spices. 

Its intense golden robe reveals its fine and persistent bubbles.

Favourite: Tuna tartar, game, risotto with lobster sauce... character and finesse. 

Cheeses: Comté 30 months, Salers Pecorino, Manchego...

Fleur De Flo

The Pink Daisy was baptized "Juliet's flower" born in Verona from a cocktail with a flower... it very quickly took the name of "flower of Flo".

Mirror of our three grape varieties, the Cuvée Fleur de Flo evokes finesse, race and sensuality.

30% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Meunier,

10% Coteaux Champenois, Pinot Meunier aged oak barrels.

Tirage 2018
70% 2017
30% 2016

Cuvée matures 48 months in the cellar

Disgorging May 2022

Dosage 7grs


Fleur de Flo with notes of fruits of the forest, character and elegance,

it makes travel through spices (cardamom, curry, ginger...).

Its slightly amber salmon veil reveals its fine and sensual bubbles


Favorite : Boutargue,

Raw langoustines, Catalan lobster salad, sushi, lamb carts, cassoeula, mortadella, culatello 

Cheeses: Blue cheese from England

Praline pie, black forest, cherries

  Dessert with three roses: rose, rhubarb, strawberry double cream and meringue. 

Cuvée Extase

The Golden Daisy inspired by travels in the East...

for a moment of meditation...
Millésime 2009 Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru

Assemblage des Chardonnay selected on villages Grand Cru
Chouilly | Cramant | Oger
Tirage 2010

Cuvée aged 12 years in the cellar

Disgorging December 2022

Dosage 6 grs



Great complexity, expressive aromas of fresh fruit (apples, citrus fruits), buttery note, honey and roasted pistachio. 

Its persistence reflects character and elegance. 

Its golden amber color waltzes among its fine and sparkling bubbles in a farandole of flavors and emotions...

Favourites: white meat with morel mushroom sauce, Milanese chops, tasty fish, caviar, 

Cheeses: Brillat Savarin with truffles, Langres, Parmesan cheese 

Tarte Tatin

The "Charnelle" Trilogy
Désir , Séduction, Passion...
Each daisy born from the heart carries the name of an emotion in harmony with the grape varieties according to its color.
"The Five Petals"
An harmony of refined flavors accompany you from the aperitif to the dessert
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