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Discover the characteristics of the main grape varieties through the poetry
Pinot Meunier

"The harsh winter

Your plant is resistant to frost

Enjoying it in your clay soil

Thanks to your humidity ...


In spring

Blooming grapes!

"Let us spoil you

To better harvest you "


At dusk

From your floral hood

You Blanc de Noirs with your personality

Let us discover your generosity

"Gourmet" ruity,

with floral notes

What a “desire” to taste you! "


"The Côte des Blancs
Gives birth to you
Your limestone soil is your essence
Blanc de Blancs
You owe your name to your color
Your aromas to your sweetness ...

Lively and Delicate
You are luminous
Of a shine
You become delicious

Radiant and elegant
You are the "Seduction"
A moment of emotion... "

Pinot Noir

" Blanc de Noirs

Let me perceive

Where are you from...

Through your pine cone shapes


On your sturdy body

Rest your sweet grape

He caresses a happy omen

Recalling your origin that we taste


In the heart of my hand

Your grains slip

One by one...


Your racy nose

Your dark skin

With aromas of undergrowth

Leaves us speechless

Your maturity suits you so well

It refines your tannins

Sometimes a little wild

You are quite a journey...


Show us your vast promenade

From the Mountain to the Marne

To move us


Powerful and demanding

You thrive in a temperate climate

Your strength ... your sensitivity ...

Your complexity and intensity

Create your fame


You alone you are a temptation

Exalt us with your "Passion" ... "


Marguerite Guyot takes her roots in the vineyards of Damery,

village on the banks of the Marne in the heart of Champagne ...


The cradle of your maturity ...
Your tempered sweetness
Make you a refinement
Of great beauty ...

The Cellar
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